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Over the past twenty five years Minnie Cooper has built a reputation for classic, modern, well made footwear.

All this time Minnie has been dreaming of making the world's best slippers, ones that feel every bit as beautiful as they look.

It's been a long time coming but the stars have aligned and here they are!

Simple, beautiful, and indescribably comfortable.


Made in New Zealand by the Minnie Cooper team from soft leathers, fleecy wool linings and light indoor, outdoor soles.

From the letterbox to the lemon tree and everything in between, when you're at home you should be wearing Five Star Slippers.

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It’s easy to choose the right size!

We have been selling shoes online for over five years now and we have an astonishingly high fit rate. So if you’re worried about getting the right size, relax, we’re here to help you choose the slipper that's right for you.

It's important to measure your feet before choosing your size. Put a piece of paper slightly larger than your foot against a wall. Stand on the paper with your biggest foot with your heel against the wall. Mark the end of your longest toe, measure that length and choose your size from the chart provided on each style information page.

If you'd like some advice feel free to contact us by phone, 09 828 9663 or email, we are here and happy to help!

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We sell Five Star Slippers from our showroom,

303C Rosebank Rd
New Zealand

open Monday- Friday 9-5pm, Saturday 10-3pm

ph 64 9 828 9663

For the rest of the world we are an online store!

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We ship our slippers free worldwide!

Items shipped within New Zealand are expected to arrive within five working days or less depending on location.

Australia within five to ten days.

The rest of the world, ten days to two weeks.

Returns and Exchanges

Of course you can return your slippers for another size, colour or style!

Just return unworn slippers within 7 days of receipt by courier or post to;

Five Star Slippers
303C Rosebank Rd
Auckland 1026
New Zealand

We are happy to send out one exchange without additional postage.

If shoes are returned for a refund we will provide a full refund to your credit card via our website payment system.

Shop New Zealand women's slippers Five Star Slippers polka dot handmade slippers


Can I exchange or return my slippers for a refund?
Of course! Just return the unworn slippers within 7 days of receipt. We will send out one exchange postage free, or if you would like a refund will credit your account in full when we receive the slippers.

How do I get the right size?

We have been sending shoes around the world for five years now and our fit rate is astonishingly high. Follow the instructions on the size guide on each style page, if you need more help choosing your size feel free to contact us for advice, ph 09 828 9663 or email us

Are these slippers ethically made?

Five Star slippers are made at the Minnie Cooper factory in Auckland, New Zealand. Minnie Cooper has been making shoes here for 25 years and fair wages and conditions are central to this company’s philosophy. Not only will you feel good about these on your feet but on your conscience too!